Mr. Kellis founded Kellis Vegetation Management in 2005 after growing up in this industry from childhood. He holds a degree in engineering from the University of Georgia, and is a licensed applicator in 14 states.
Zack Kellis
Eric handles sales, general operations, customer satisfaction, and financial decisions. He keeps a watchful eye on each piece of the GreenCo machine to ensure that it runs smoothly as a whole
Eric Deese
Rebekah oversees and implements all administrative tasks for GreenCo. She is thorough and careful, handling each of her responsibilities with meticulous care.
Rebekah Rogers
Shawn is responsible for GreenCo's weed control and fertilization programs for parks and recreational fields. Wielding years of knowledge and experience, he is diligent to identify and attend to each customer's unique needs
Shawn Hollback
Field Manager - Parks and Rec, Commercial Applications